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PhD Plan of Study

​Goal: To help shape and transform the use of educational technology in curriculum design and instruction in higher education settings.

  • ISLT 9440   Learning with the Internet

  • ISLT 9484   Teaching Online Courses

  • ISLT 9471   Project Management

  • ISLT 9485   Designing Online Courses

  • ISLT 9471   Instructional Systems Design

  • ISLT 9417   Technology Action Research

  • ISLT 7310   Intro to Moodle

  • ISLT 7310   Intro to Blackboard

  • ISLT 7310   Intro to Sakai

  • ISLT 7360   Intro to Web Development

  • ISLT 7361   Digital Media

  • ISLT 9410   Capstone (design an 8 week online course): Game-Based Methods and Strategies for Training and Education

  • ISLT 9480   Teaching Internship- Instructional Systems Design and Technology Assessment

  • ISLT 9085   Information Experience Lab Internship: User Experience and Efficacy Study of the Mobile Micro-learning Course 'The Five C's of Writing for Mobile Audiences'

  • ISLT 9411   Seminar: Human Computer Interaction

  • ISLT 9411   Seminar: Human Information Behavior

  • ELPA 9442   Curriculum Philosophy and Development in Higher Education

Minor: Public Policy in Higher Education

Goal:  To be an active participant of higher education policy processes and strategies to help improve equal access and opportunity for the future learning of all students.

  • EDLPA 9408    Academic Capitalism and Global Higher Education

  • PUBAF 8170    Public Policy Processes and Strategies

  • PUBAF 8860    International Comparative Rural Policy-Truman School of Public Policy


​Goal: To gain an understanding of how Social VR can be used as a dialogic strategy to create meaningful online learning.

  • ESCPS  7170    Intro to Educational Statistics

  • ESCPS  8180    Qualitative 1

  • LTC      9620    Qualitative 2

  • LTC      8950    Qualitative 3- Case Study

  • ISLT     9411     Seminar- Research Design & Analysis

  • ISLT     9480     Research Internship - Exploring Students Use of Online Sources in Small Groups With an Augmented Reality-based Activity

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